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"The Country Store That Saves You More"


Hostler's has always believed firmly that you shouldn't have to pay an arm and leg for quality furniture. So we have always maintained unbelievably low prices year after year.

When you buy furniture you shouldn't have to pay for the fancy building or showroom that it's in. Or all the sales staff that follow you around. But instead just pay for what you came for, FURNITURE.
We may not carry the highly publicized name brands that have overinflated prices. We do however search out brand names that have the same, or in some cases, better quality and craftmanship.

It is these savings that we gladly pass on to our customers. All the prices you see on our web site are as they are in our store TAX INCLUDED. No hidden charges or add-ons when you are given a price.

So rest assured you have found a little known secret in southern Pennsylvania.

Hostler's is a plain, no frills store that has been family owned and operated since 1982.

P.S. Tell your friends and neighbors!


Furniture has been a part of Americans lives and heritage for generations. Furnishings are a daily necessity and provide a way for you to express yourself or reward yourself. Change the look of your room or your entire house. These are just a few things that we have to offer you.

- Low Prices

- Tax Included in pricing

- Family owned & operated

- No high pressure sales staff

- Relaxing country location

- Convenient hours

- Minutes from Interstate 83

So look and enjoy!

Have any questions?

Just give us a hollar!


SLEEPWELL (1 & 2 sided) mattresses  


*Mattresses can be purchased separately

*Metal bed frames and rails also available

*Mattress Protectors also available




Many New Unique Items From Ashley Furniture & More!


** Availablity and Prices of Items on this website may change without notice **